Exclude feature image on top in newsletter

Hey Folks!

I have a question regarding the feature image in the Ghost newsletter. When I set a feature image for a specific post, it will get displayed on top of the newsletter. My question would be how do I prevent this? I want to get rid of the image on top but keep the feature image as a thumbnail when browsing the posts online.

By using this guide: Different Hero Image to Feature Image in a Ghost Blog I managed to not display the feature image on top within the blog posts online, but I also want to get rid of it within the newsletters I sent out. I am planning to add my own hero image within the newsletter which is different to the feature image. Therefore, I want to get rid of the feature image within the post. In works fine online, but it still gets displayed when sending out the newsletter.

Is there a way to also exclude the image from the newsletter?

Thank you in advance for your help!