Extends Ghost to tell stories with 3D interactive map

Hi, all

I am happy to announce mapdoc.dev v1.0 which is used to help any individuals to tell stories with interactive 3D maps.

Mapdoc v1.0 is an customized distribution base on Ghost 3.12.0, for more information, please visit: https://www.mapdoc.dev

I’d like to get any comments from the community about the future of my work:

  • Contribute my work to Ghost
  • Sold the software individually

Looking forward to your suggestions.

@iLoveBug This looks very interesting indeed! I can immediately think of many powerful use cases for this innovative feature set that you are providing.

I would be interested in testing and providing input if you can provide the files for a local installation.

Thanks for your reply. The current server is only a lowest configuration of Tencent Cloud, located in Singapore. I am preparing the package, once I have finished, I will inform you.

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Looks good! Is there a way to test this out!? I would to write about it in my Blog if possible.

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Sure. I am preparing the package for local installation but not yet finished. Before this, I could invite you as coordinator or author of my site. Would you please give me your email so that I can invite you to have a try?

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That is really cool! Your demo works well, accessing from Perth probably gives better latency too. I’d like to test this out also when you release it.

Yea its really cool.

@iLoveBug I have a big, speedy VPS, hosted in the US on Fast Comet, running exclusively Ghost sites (just my own at this point).

I would be happy to give you your own (free) account on my VPS to support your development of this. (If it would help.)

This is very helpful. How can I get the account? You can contact me via fan.zhang@me.com directly. Thanks in advance.

For who is concern, I have just enabled the CDN acceleration, would you please verify again the test the network latency?

Will PM. Thank you

I have tested and everything feels nice and speedy :rocket:

Ghost Folks – if you haven’t yet seen this, @iLoveBug is blazing a trail for how to extend Ghost with new, feature-rich integrations, by providing new Content Cards right within in the post content editor.

He has kindly provided (very well written) Demos and Tutorials.

You should really check it out:

A Demo, for example…

And Tutorials…

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@iLoveBug this is really, really nice!

@gregpozo I really do hope you will blog about the MapDoc.dev developments!

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Will do! Seems really cool, i cant wait to test it out.

@iLoveBug This is really cool! I was wondering if you were able to release it as a custom theme ?
Or Could you suggest if there is a way to embed these into my blog ? (I’m a noob web developer)

Thanks in advance!

Sure. I am working hard on a generic plugin mechanism so that I could build more “cards”. After it’s OK, I will release it officially, then you can use it for your own blog. Hope it could be done at the end of this month or early next month.

Thanks. :slight_smile:

Hi, there!

You can download my packages here:

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