Forget email or Account creation email sent are wrong

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When even i try to add new author or any existing author does a forget password, we get a mail but the mail link isnt right?

Like the url to create new account is -

or to reset password is

what to do?

Hey there! Those links (…) don’t look like Ghost links. Are those from another service you’re using?

No, Not using nay service, Just upgraded and it become like this

Those links are not from Ghost though, so they must be generated from another tool or service you’re using

Any idea , how can we correct. Even we can change backend if required but dont know where?

I’m not sure of the service that is generating those URLs, they look like Sendgrid? Are you using Sendgrid?

Yeah, We do have to use any service/smtp to send mail, right?

Yes but I mean any additional mail services, this could be where the link is coming from. Those links don’t look like they’re related to Ghost