Manually approve new members

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is there a way to have manual approval workflow of newly signed up members before they can see members-only posts?

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Yes, you can do this with complimentary premium plan.

Hi Vitalik. Do you mean you want members to show up in Ghost before they click on the confirmation email link?

Hi Dan -

No, I meant that admin would have to approve membership after a new member subscribes, before they would be able to see any member-only content. Ideally some kind of a button or checkbox on Members screen of admin UI.

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I think currently there is no way to that. If someone sign up for a paid plan ( already paid via stripe ) then that paid member can see all posts.

If someone sign up for free then that member can view free and member only posts, but not the paid-member only posts.
At this point if you enable complementary premium plan for that member then that member can see paid-member-only post without paying anything.

So if you do not actually use the premium subscription or premium post, then you use it as somewhat authentication.
Set all your post to paid-member only. Then when someone use free signup you enable complementary premium subscription.

It’s just an hypothetical situation based solution. Again as of now there is nothing similar exactly what you want.

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Thank you, I’ll give it a try. In which version was this complimentary plan feature added? I am running bitnami image with Ghost 3.14.0.

You already have it. It was added in Ghost 3.4.0

Does this require Stripe to be enabled? I don’t see Complimentary toggle in member’s profile. Or something needs to be done in configs to enable it? Tried googling but nothing relevant comes up.

Yes you need to have stripe enabled within ghost. But If you do not show any subscription plan and option to your site then visitor will not be able to subscribe paid plan.

The complimentary subscription approach worked. Many thanks!