Functionality to duplicate an existing post or draft

A long time self-hosted Ghost user here. As in the title, is there a reason that to this day we still cannot duplicate an existing post along with its meta tags and other information?

In my opinion, there are many reasons to have this in order to ensure a smooth writing and content experience with Ghost:

  • Templates (users define their own templates so next time they can jump right into writing instead of spending time on the boilerplate)
  • Helps with unifying your style and maintaining it throughout various posts.
    → I can come up with other reasons too…

This is a fairly basic functionality for any CMS or a blog. Is there a solid reason for this not yet being at least on the roadmap? As I’m not sure I can develop this functionality myself, would somebody like me to spec it out for implementation (meaning how it should look, considerations, and how this could work)?

Thank you and I would be happy to help with this after using Ghost for so many years already.


I agree. Another usercase would be when translating a post into different languages, making different versions.

Another benefit would be if this duplicate re-used the images, so you wouldn’t have to upload the same images once again. I know one could reference the original images with markdown, but as far as I understand then you then don’t have the benefits of rendering dynamic images and that.


@iamsanteri there is no technical limitation to it as such. It’s another feature which might become a distraction from bigger goals. I’ve seen this popping up in the past (Duplicating a post), so have converted this thread into “ideas” topic which should give you and other users to vote on this feature. If it gains enough traction we will reconsider the priority on this :wink:

If you have references and more details about how such feature would work, feel free to post it her. This should help making more informed decisions in the future.

up :slight_smile:

I would also be interested in duplicating a post.

Every week I send an update which has more or less the same format. It’s a pain to copy/paste the content.

@kprimice If it’s just one particular post you want to repeatedly reproduce rather than multiple random posts, why not just create a snippet?


I agree that this would be a great feature. This is especially important for newsletter posts, where you want to use a consistent format each time. This is one of the main features I miss from WordPress (as there are multiple plugins that allow for this) since moving over to Ghost.

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This is my use case as well. Any workaround?

This use-case is already handled via the Content Snippets feature as described above

I started to use Ghost recently and I was fighting with similar problem.
I developed small add-on which is going to be good only for people who self-host Ghost instance. I assume Ghost(pro) users does not have access to underlying files of Ghost installation.
Check my blog post about it.

In WordPress, for example, there are a number of plugins that allow users to click a button, and duplicate a post. It would be great for Ghost to include this functionality.

This is especially useful for email newsletters, where you want each newsletter to follow a similar format.


I need to regularly duplicate posts or if not possible to copy-paste a post (but in one time, not piece by piece).

Can you help me?

Thanks !


@ This has been proposed, so you can add your vote here…

Otherwise, several methods exist for re-using some content, including…

As well as Snippets…

And then there is this…


This would be a fantastic feature. :fire:

For instance - you could use a draft post as a template’ with the layout and snippets we use regularly, but which could be easily updated when needed right from the Posts section of the dash, rather than coding a new template for the theme.

Then just click “Clone Post” button whenever it’s time for a new post, fill out the unique info, and BOOM done! No need to rebuild the post every time. Would be hugely helpful for our regular episode releases - the posts for which share a standard format but require additional tweaks on the fly.

Please make this a feature and make Ghost even more awesome :)

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I started to use Ghost recently and I was fighting with similar problem.
I developed small add-on which is going to be good only for people who self-host Ghost instance.
Check my blog post about it.

I’ve added this functionality to Phantom Admin. It works on Ghost Pro (including the typical case where your site’s at a different URL than the admin panel) and self hosting. If you can install a theme, you can probably run it.

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You’re describing exactly what the snippets feature does. If you create a blank version of your episode release post, you can then select all of the content (Ctrl/Cmd+A is a quick way to do that) then save it as an “Episode release” snippet.

From that point, any time you want to create en episode release post you can create a new post, type /episode press Enter and you have your blank template there ready :slightly_smiling_face:


Didn’t even think of this :man_facepalming: What could be nice(r) is being able to set up bookmarkable URL that copies a post’s content and metadata (like tags, selected post template).<post_id>

This would be even faster than using a snippet and taking care of the metadata too which would still be a manual workflow when using just snippets.

This has been added :partying_face: