Get list of images (with the possibility for small images)


Hi, I’m trying to convert one of my very old PHP hobby projects with specific layout (and custom admin interface) into Ghost. The page (portfolio) consists of a list of projects, linked with one-to-many tags and each project has a strict layout - two columns of text and list of small images under. See an example at:
Individual project is for example

I am struggling with the way how to put the images into Ghost (I want to avoid raw HTML if possible). The image gallery seems like one way to go but I am unable to figure out how to get the images small.

So the goal will be to use Ghost Admin to create individual posts (projects) and my custom theme to get somehow the list of images (added at the bottom of the post) and render it in the given viewport, small etc.

I know this is not a typical use case for Ghost, but for a fully fledged CMS but I thought it’s worth a shot…