Ghost 3.0 Update: Subscribe Modal Never Completes After Email Entry

Updated to Ghost 3.0 earlier today. Completed all necessary updates: server, ghost cli, node, ghost itself, and casper theme. All is good other than the inability to connect with Zapier (covered by someone else in another topic recently) and the subscribe modal not completing the subscribe action. The email address can be entered into the input field, but after hitting subscribe all I get is the loading wheel. I also tested the email configuration and all is working properly. Any help would be appreciated. I’ve included a gif below to show what has been happening regardless of which browser I use.
I also noticed that once “subscribe” is clicked, the browser notifies me that it’s trying to “load scripts from an unauthenticated source.” Even when I override that, it still will not send. I’ve updated two other ghost sites, each on their own servers, and am not encountering this issue with those.

Hey @EricLima! This load scripts from an unauthenticated source sounds like an interesting lead. Could you please make sure that you are using https in the config for both url and admin.url variables on your Ghost instance? Can help if you can identify which script is throwing this :slight_smile:

In case that doesn’t help, could you share the output in the browser console when “subscribe” is clicked? Also, what are you seeing happening in the network tab after clicking? Any logs visible on the server with error messages or other out of ordinary entries? Cheers :wink:


Nice! My eyes apparently were doing their best to gloss over the missing “s” that needed to be at the end of http in the config for the url. :man_facepalming: Everything is all good now. Thank you!

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