Subscribe buttons don't work


My site:

The subscribe buttons don’t do anything (top right corner and bottom of page). I have checked for javascript errors in the console but don’t see anything relevant.

This is with the “headline” theme.

  • Version: 5.25.0
  • Environment: Production
  • Database: mysql8
  • Mail: SMTP

Am I doing something wrong?

The needed JavaScript is blocked: use Inspect > Network and reload, and you’ll see member/ and yellow-square.png are blocked: mixed-content.

Thanks, I do see that in the javascript console. How do I fix that? Is this a mistake with the template?

It caused by mixed http / https content. In this case, your SSL certificate is valid.

Yes, I understand, but why is it happening. Does this mean there is an error in the template? Do I need to find the places in the template where it is using http and change it to https?

Like you said, my SSL certificate is valid.

C’mon, you’re a developer! :slight_smile: You’re serving both http and https content through Ghost and the Nginx proxy.

It’s got nothing to do with the template; you misconfigured Ghost and Nginx.

What’s you Nginx config like?

In this case, your Ghost config has the URL as instead of All URLs generated by Ghost will use the URL you configured there which is why you’re seeing the issue.

To fix this, run ghost config set url in your ghost installation directory, and then restart ghost with ghost restart.

@vikaspotluri123 thank you very much for the detailed instructions. I didn’t realise I had the url set to http instead of https.

I updated it to https, and now everything is working as expected.

Thank you!

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