Ghost App cannot edit or open articles

Hi guys,

Is there any reason why Ghost App on Android cannot open articles that were created using the browser online?

I get the following error when clicking on an article to edit it on my phone:
“The app can only open a post containing a single markdown card and nothing else”.

What does that mean?

single markdown card

The app only supports posts that contain one markdown card from the new editor. Adding anything else will cause it to not work

Yes, the new editor is the product of multiple years of planning and implementation put in by the Core team, and there are nuances in a) making it accessible on mobile and b) porting it from the current state into an app-compatible state

what is a markdown card? I don’t even know how to change or fix it?

The issue here is that your Ghost blog has been upgraded to Ghost 2.0, which has a much improved editor with significant new features.

However, the Android App has not yet been upgraded to support those features.

Instead of just flat-out not working with Ghost 2.0, the Android App is telling you that if you use only a single markdown card in the new editor, it will still work, or otherwise you cannot edit posts from the Android app.

Documentation on the new editor including cards:

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