Ghost Labs > Import content

Ghost-CLI version: 1.14.1
Ghost version: 3.31.5
Node v12.18.3
npm v6.14.8

I have two Ghost websites hosted on separate servers. They are both up to date with the latest versions of all the software listed above as of this writing. The only difference is that one is on Ubuntu 16.04 and the other is Ubuntu 20.04. I am trying to move the content from 16 to 20 using the export feature in Labs. The file produced is 1.63mb in size. However, when I try to import the file, it fails silently.

Anyone know why this wouldn’t work? Is there some way I can see what’s happening underneath, some sort of log perhaps?

Update: I checked the client-side browser logs and it shows an error:

Uncaught TypeError: e.payload is undefined