Detected unsupported file structure

My url:

I have installed in a new ubuntu 20.0 |VM the latest version ( * Version 4.13.0) from ghost using this tutorial:

Before that I exported all my blog posts from my old ghost installation: v.0.11.0

When I tried to import the posts I got this error:

Please install Ghost 1.0, import the file and then update your blog to the latest Ghost version. Visit Ghost Docs or ask for help in our forum: Detected unsupported file structure.

Its not possible for me to install ghost 1.0 and then do an update.
How can I fix this without losing my content?


The only way to migrate from 0.x to > 1.x is by starting with 1.x and working your way up.

You’re able to install Ghost locally which will allow you to start with 1.x, and work your way up to 4.x. Here’s a guide for upgrading after you make it to 1.x: Update Ghost