Moving an old Ghost json file to a current installation

Ghost version: 3.31.3
Ghost-CLI version: 1.14
Configured and installed using these directions: on a machine running Ubuntu 20.04.1
Node version 10.22.0, MariaDB Ver 15.1 Distrib 10.3.22

So I had a blog running a very old version of Ghost – not sure what now or how to find out because the old server’s been wiped, but definitely a 1.something – and I exported the contents of it preparatory to installing the current version on a new server. Only, of course, the current version can’t read the json file from the old version, it says it has the wrong file system. (Error message: Import failed Please install Ghost 1.0, import the file and then update your blog to the latest Ghost version. Visit or ask for help in our Detected unsupported file structure.) I have followed the link to the update page, but I could really use more detailed instructions, especially as what I’d like to do is install a single-user local copy on the server to import the json file into, then update that, export, and import it to the already-up-to-date version I’ve been setting up.

Hey @Hex.Ink :wave:

If you’re trying to quickly get a Ghost export transformed from a v1 export to a v2+ export, my suggestion is to get Ghost installed locally (on your computer) so you don’t have to set up proxying / open ports in your server. The CLI also has support for auto-importing an export file after setup, though I’ve never tried it.

ghost install local --v1 -f /path/to/old/export

You should be able to follow the instructions provided by Ghost CLI / your installation to get everything set up.

After making sure your content was imported successfully, you can export the data by running

ghost export /path/to/save/export

Thank you!