Ghost member magic link error

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I validated my mailgun setup and all looks correct.

Receiving error in members.min.js - Cannot read property ‘value’ of null


This is a bug being tracked here: Issue with attribute 'data-members-name' · Issue #12249 · TryGhost/Ghost · GitHub :relaxed:

@fabien thank you. once the bug is resolved how do i implement? i don’t have the members.js file in my project folder.

If you installed Ghost with the Ghost-CLI you can update to the version with the fix! We should have a fix out very soon :slight_smile:

@egg you are my hero. thank you. i’m a new developer learning as i go so when these things don’t work i go crazy trying to figure it out. appreciate the quick response

This is fixed now in 3.35.1 :relaxed: Release 3.35.1 · TryGhost/Ghost · GitHub

Thank you.