Ghost Newsletter vs convertkit

Pleased to virtually meet you all newbie Raf here and as the name suggest I’m a totally newbie to Ghost. I’m almost done integrating converkit into my theme but figured that perhaps I’m over complicating things. My goal is to simply send a static welcome email to subscribers with some informational links to pdfs that i create. Further I would like these subscribers to get my regular blog posts.

  1. Ghost allows to customise the design of the email but is it possible to have ghost automatically send a welcome email with specific content?

  2. Convertkit is great but dealing with the syncing and the admin behind that seems a like a pain. Ideally i need a set and forget solution. Is there a better solution out there either native to ghost or otherwise that I’m missing?


If you follow only steps 1 & 2 in the convert kit integration tutorial you’re set up for using Ghost for the newsletter sending and ConvertKit for sending the welcome and any other campaign-style emails. There’s no theme integration required that way.

Thanks so much. I ended up going with Native ghost as I just couldn’t get zapier to stop failing. When my members grow likely I will go back to convert kit. Thanks for your help