Use Ghost's newsletter email template for a custom ConvertKit email tempate

Hi there,

I was wondering whether there is anyone out here who uses Ghost as a CMS and intends to use ConvertKit to send out newsletter?

Since Ghost doesn’t offer (yet) email sequences and referrals, I want to use ConvertKit to send out my newsletter as it offers plenty of marketing automation options and further integrations (e.g. with SparkLoop). However, I would like to make sure that the newsletters sent out via ConvertKit have the same brand identity / look and feel, as those I previously sent out via Ghost.

Ghost’s email template can be found here: Ghost/newsletter.html at c667620d8f2e32c96fe376ad0f3dabc79488532a · TryGhost/Ghost · GitHub

Did anyone try to convert the Ghost’s email template to a ConvertKit email template? If yes, would you mind open sourcing this file and sharing it with the community? Or could you refer me to someone who has the skills for the job?