Integrating ConvertKit with Ghost using Zapier

Hey guys! I’m planning to use Ghost as a blog and (a free) newsletter but would like to use ConvertKit as my newsletter provider by integrating it with Zapier but not sure which integrations are the most crucial.

I saw that there is a way to sync new subscribers from Ghost to ConvertKit but the question is, will that make sure that they are only in one email list which is the one by ConvertKit or will they be in two email lists, one by Ghost and another by ConvertKit. Maybe I can share what my end goals are you could help me out (:

  1. I want every time a reader clicks subscribe on the blog he will automatically be added to my ConvertKit newsletter (not to Ghost preferably)

  2. Send every single email including welcome emails, drip campaigns, or regular emails through ConvertKit

I appreciate any advice. Thank you

I intend to do the same with convertkit since I have 10,000 free subscribers and a simple email sequence, and a welcome email, that would be enough.

I think there are several options, the one I think I will use is, every time they subscribe to Ghost with make, take them to my list in Convertkit.

  • I have not yet established that when a new one enters, the welcome email and the sequence that has been programmed are sent.
    You can do anything…
    (here you will have the subscribers in ghost and convertkit but it doesn’t matter, you don’t send email in ghost. Here all you do is bring the text that you wrote in Convertkit, copy it in ghost and publish it (just publish it without sending email)
    For example, I have mailgun but it is very problematic, but if from time to time I want to make a summary I can send it with Ghost (written and sent to email with mailgun)

I think that the option of placing the Convertkit form on the ghost page is not ideal since then they will never have a ghost account as such.
But it is also possible, if you do not want a subscription system or a ghost database.
You just want to have it as a free blog.
Then put in the Convertkit form box and skip using tools like make or zapier.