Ghost not publishing the twitter card


Hi, the functionality of instantly publishing a story in twitter with the twitter card Is not working for me and can’t figure out why. Any help? thanks


Hey @Karen_Marquez :wave: There is no functionality to instantly publish a story in Twitter unless you have set that up via an integration.

Can you explain exactly what steps you are taking and what you are expecting to happen at each stage?


Hey kevin thanks, as far as I understand, when you write a post a fill the twitter card, it should publish that post to twitter right? I also tried zappier, but nothing happens. In this article “” says " That’s all there is to it! Ghost interacts with Twitter via their OEmbed API in order to retrieve all the correct settings automatically and serve your tweet in the best way possible."

Essentially, I go live but no twitter post is generated whatsoever



No, there is no posting to Twitter. What the integration guide is explaining is that you can create a twitter embed card to place an existing tweet in your post content and have it formatted as a Twitter embed.

If you want to automatically create a tweet when you publish a post then you would need to set that up via Zapier.




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