Ghost Pro for 1000+ members

Hi all.

I’ve been using Ghost Pro for the past three years and just realised that once I crossed 1000 members then I have to get the Business Plan which costs $199/month which I definitely can’t afford. I have 500 members at the moment on my Tech-focused blog. I think I will have 1000 members by the end of this year.

I’m thinking of self-hosting it once I cross the threshold. I think there should be a middle ground for 3000-5000 members.

Any thoughts?

I think there’s some confusion around the pricing as there’s no need to jump up to the business plan when you hit 1000 members. On the pricing page you can adjust the slider and see how pricing changes for each plan based on the number of members.

I suggest reaching out to as they’ll be able to help you directly with any pricing questions.


ah damn, thanks :grinning:

I just seen the slide bar - huge relief and thanks

That slider is perhaps not as obvious as it could be! :)