Ghost Pro open source?

Hello, isn’t clear if the Ghost Pro (hosted by them) is an open version I can fully customize?

also if possible to make all customization what can be exported with standard export json file? Not the custom code probably?

And if I install Ghost into a VPS somewhere, Do I need to pay a monthly fee to Ghost Pro anyway? isn’t clear if Ghost Pro is a paid version with special futures or is the opensource one just hosted by them!


Ghost Pro is Managed Ghost Hosting; if you self host, Ghost Pro is not involved at all. The infrastructure is not open source, but everything you need for self hosting is.

The export only contains content (e.g. posts, pages, staff), but does not contain your theme, any images, or your members.

I found this page useful when getting started:

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Thanks. I see but can’t undestand if the customization of the Pro version is different from the self hosted? So the Pro is limited in some way? Also i see if I want to use API price go up.
Also if want to customize the Theme (your purchased theme from thirdh party) also you need to upgrade plan. Right?
subscriber mail list will be possible to export?

Do you know if there’s an easy enough way to export images? Or even just see what images are on the server and remove duplicates? I’m self-hosting on DO.

This one will remove your duplicates

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Thanks :slight_smile: I notice at the top of the file it only mentions up to version 3 of Ghost. I wonder it’s still working with Ghost 4?

I would reach out to Ghost Support for some of these questions as they’re very pro-specific. What I will say though is Ghost Pro is a managed hosting service, which means some flexibility is limited (such as no support for custom adapters or hacking the core), and plans would be developed around their business model

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