Ghost(Pro) vs - whats the difference


I have been using Ghost(Pro) for a couple of months, and I am delighted with the product’s ease of use and simplicity. However, while exploring cheaper ways to host multiple Ghost sites, I came across and realised that they have ActivityPub integration, which would allow me to federate my content.

I also noticed the pricing for includes multiple blogs, has a lot of the same features as Ghost and is a lot less than Ghost(Pro)

$9 for the Pro plan (includes three personal blogs)
$30 for the Teams plan (has one personal and 1 team blog)

I currently pay $63 a month to Ghost(Pro) for one website.

However, I am confused about the actual differences between the two platforms. I have looked online for Ghost(Pro) vs write. I have seen the comparison websites that list the technical differences, such as feature sets, but that doesn’t tell me much.

Can somebody tell me what the differences are from a user’s perspective between Ghost(Pro) and



Ghost has more features, and tries to bundle more. is much simpler (and less mature) project, but you are right it supports the Fediverse and it’s also written in Go which is much safer and faster.

Also, Ghost is apparently dropping support for non-oracle mysql which is a big thumbs down for many.

Allowing readers to send in article submissions (super useful!), or OAuth support may be another consideration towards is very rudimentary and lacks support. The source for Write.Freely is almost a year old.


Write freely is a very different beast. Its also VERY simple by design. It doesn’t do social, impressions, conversions, it doesn’t provide a way to pay for content. I’m not even sure if it has a commenting system.

If you’re looking to build a classic blog/website ghost is better. If you’re looking to just write for the joy of writing it’s not a bad platform. The fediverse is a interesting ecosystem though very niche still.