Ghost update query

Hi guys - A Ghost update question. I’ve read the forum to see if I’ve got an exact match to my issue, apologies if the answer is posted somewhere.

I’m running Ghost on a Digital Ocean Droplet (Ubunto 18.04) cli@1.13.1

I went to update Ghost, which was on 3.4 to the latest version. I read on a few threads that there’s been Mailgun fixes so wanted to try out this integration out.

After updating dns records provided by Mailgun into the droplet. I launched the Droplets’ Console. But forgot the password. So I reset the Root Password. This was done (pw now written down safely…) But I’m unable to update Ghost. I’ve used the commands:

sudo npm i -g ghost-cli@latest and then
ghost update

I’m new to all this, my apologies. It looks like there is more than one issue I’m experiencing. Any guidance would be appreciated.

It looks like you’re in your home directory. Ghost isn’t usually installed in your home directory so the CLI can’t update when you’re that folder since there’s no instance to update.

You can use ghost ls to see where ghost is installed (probably /var/www/ghost) and run ghost update there :slight_smile:

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Thanks @vikaspotluri123

It looks like I’ve entered in some bad commands during the update and not set up Ghost directory in the correct place initially.

I get a System error when entering ghost restart

I ran ghost setup systemd


the suggestion: journalctl - u line

I’ve a 2nd Digital Ocean droplet called Journal, which I haven’t deployed or configured. Is this where its pulled the journal ctl - u ghost_www… line?

I have saved a backup JSON file for this website. It’s more of a test site, so if its better to completely start again I’ll do that. But any help would be greatly appreciated Vikas.

journalctl -u ghost.... is a command that the CLI is suggesting you run.

This will show you the contents of the journal - a logging system in ubuntu.

IMO it would definitely be better to do a fresh install in this case as having Ghost in the home directory is not recommended. I actually thought the CLI prevented this :thinking:

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Thanks @Hannah, sounds like a plan.