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Hi, I am going to launch my ecommerce store, for this I need some reliable hosting providers which can give me a best solution. Although BTW, I am not a technical person that’s why I am considering managed hosting like WPEngine, Cloudways, FlyWheel, etc.

Also, some of my friends told me to go with Linode hosting because they have the data centers which I want. Anyone please advice to find out the good host.

Appreciate your comments!

Though it’s not for the non technical users, my current hosting stack is:

  • spinupwp.com for server & site management (web control panel if you want)
  • digital ocean and amazon web services for web infrastructure

You can also try gridpane.com as a web management panel on top of Linode, for example. you can also try to do it all with Amazon Lightsail or other similar provider.

First, have you decided on what software you’re going to use to run your ecommerce website yet?

I’m asking because you’re on a Ghost forum, and Ghost doesn’t have any e-commerce capabilities by itself. Meanwhile, the WPEngine and FlyWheel that you mentioned are managed WordPress hosting providers and do not support Ghost or any other software at all.

Linode is awesome for what they do best: unmanaged (aka self-managed) virtual servers. I have about a dozen servers with them currently, and they’re very reliable. But if you’re going with any unmanaged cloud server provider, you really ought to know what you’re doing. You can get Linode’s server management addon, but this starts from $100 per server (even for a $5/month server!), and even this covers only management of the server and they’re not going to help you with your ecommerse software.

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