Help translate Ghost (beta)

The weird thing is that my language is French, it seems to be fully translated already and other French blogs I’ve visited seem to have a fully translated portal. My blog is well up to date with version 5.51.0 and I use custom themes but that shouldn’t have any impact on the portal, should it?

Are you sure you’re looking at text from portal and not from the theme? Can you link it?

Thanks for the report! I see it - it’s a couple missed translation helper strings in the code. I’m preparing a PR for it now, which if accepted means you’ll see the problem disappear on the release the follows.

Thank you very much ! We can see that Choose, Continue, Free are not translated. It could be Choisir, Continuer, Gratuit.

The plan-specific text is in English (and would be input by the blog owner, of course), but this is looking better, I think!

Starting to look better! I put in a PR with some missing strings that weren’t marked for translation, and added the French for those strings, but my French is 30 years stale. @bastien , if you’d like to take a look at for untranslated bits in Portal (that’s the updated version running) or any low-quality French in the new bits, I’d appreciate your eyes on it. A screenshot of untranslated bits is very helpful.

The site is connect to Stripe in demo mode, so you can use credit card 4242 4242 4242 4242 expiration 4/24, cvv 424 to test out the strings for paid accounts, if you like.



Hey @Cathy_Sarisky please find all my translations and comments in this Easel :

I am not sure I saw all the pages that are part of the translation process.

It’s completely absurd that themes are not included in translation and that every theme repo owner has to have his own theme translated, when there are so many same strings all over the place, which can be used in unique file, in ghost.

Would it be useful to have a set of common theme strings in a repo? It’d certainly be nice if any theme with correct {{t }} wrapping could be mostly translated just by grabbing that set of common translations!

It’d also be nice if more themes had translation wrapping already! It seems like this is mostly a paid feature…

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Thanks! :) I’ll work through those.

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this would make sense

Hi, I updated to most recent version of Ghost but still can’t see the translations, is it normal or is it a bug ?

I’ve opened a PR but it hasn’t been acted on yet.

I brought some little precisions to the Easel. Maybe Powered by Ghost could be translated by « Propulsé par Ghost » to be complete.

I can’t see the entire translation in Spanish for my website on the official Casper theme. :frowning:

I’m new to coding, but I thought the translations would be rolled out every friday? I added Nynorsk Norwegian about a week ago (two fridays) and it’s still not available, is there something wrong with my code? When will it be available in ghost?

Translations are reviewed by the team, so there may be a delay depending on time constraints. However, it looks like the code was merged yesterday! That means it should go out in Friday’s release :partying_face:

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Can I make my self-hosted Ghost blog use my own translations files instead of the public ones?
I see in my header that translations are pulled from

Hi! I’ve been trying to set up the Spanish version on my own site ( and is not working. Can you help me? I’ve made all the changes indicated in the tutorial. Thanks

@John and @RyanF do you know if Official Ghost Themes will be translated as well?