Help with blending elements from an existing theme to another existing theme?

Hello Ghost Forum,

I was hoping someone could either help me or direct me to the best place where I could find some help with blending elements from two already existing themes?

I’m currently using the Dawn theme with Ghost (Pro) and the only changes I’ve made to it are the colors and inserting a Google AdSense script on the main homepage. I’d like to continue to keep the main elements of the Dawn theme, however, I’ve noticed a few things from the Edition theme that I’d like to include in the Dawn theme that is probably a little beyond my abilities to make certain I’m doing it correctly.

Primarily, the Dawn theme strictly uses a very simple list of latest posts, whereas the Edition theme offers both the very simple list option but also offers the expanded feed layout with the small featured image appearing to the left of the headline on desktop that lists nicely above the headline on mobile. I’d also like it to appear this way under the tag lists.

Another is probably very simple but simply adding the full author bio section to the end of posts rather than having to click the picture to see that information.

Again, I understand if this is not the best place, but if someone can redirect me to where I can best find this information, I’d appreciate it.

Thank you.