How to add LinkedIn to list of social networks in admin

Hello forum,
We just started to implement ghost as hosted blog solution.

The system is very well thought to serve as general blog offering connectivity to social networks like FB and Twitter. Our community relies more on LinkedIn crowd to share posts, and YouTube/Vimeo to share videos.
I just was wondering if it is possible to expand SETTINGS > SOCIAL ACCOUNTS panel to include handlers (URLs) for these Social Networks.

As well in our posts we want to show the Resources related to our posts and also acknowledge the sources of graphics. Is it possible to expand POST SETTINGS interface to include two multiline sections for URLs of articles we used or attributions to artists whos graphics were included into the post?

Hope for your assistance,

Hey @yurigelman :wave:

Have you seen the tutorial related to this?

re: attributions, you can’t really add more fields to the post, though you can always include this at the bottom of the post content.

Hey Vikas,

Thank you for the article. I didn’t find it, but we already played with adding more social items to

site-nav.hbs of our theme. The problem with this approach that, if we will upload the new version of the theme or change the theme without changing this section manually we will loose the social links.
I would like to have more permanent solution where we can add new social links to @site array and do it via GUI.
The same goes for attributions. I found it can be done in current/core/built/assets/ghost.min-xxxx.js but the file is to cryptic to read. Our attempts to find how to do it and rebuild the code did not yeild any results.

Thank again for suggestion - it helped me to find the more elegant way to get the icons,


That’s the minified version of the admin interface (; you can see how to customize the core here, but it’s not recommended to do.

Both of your changes would require making changes to the database schema, which is really not suggested, as it will make upgrading ghost in the future very difficult