How to change image size using Editorial theme?

Hi Everyone,

I have been using Ghost for a few months now, and have been experiencing a lot of difficulty changing the image and font sizing using the Editorial theme. I have reviewed the documentation, but without deep coding expertise, I’ve been unable to change the image. I’m not sure which file in the theme to change. post.hbs? package.json?

Can someone please help me? My posts keep coming out looking super amateur, with gigantic photos. I’ve even tried workarounds like making the images smaller before uploading them, but they still show gigantic, just with lower resolution.

I’d also like to change the default font size and color.


Hello Ghost Friends,

Surely this is an issue that others have resolved. How do we change image sizes? Please help!


I have the same issue

Hey guys,

Check my answer at this other question, this is how I solved that issue.