I'm creating my content creator website to host youtube, videos blogs etc. What technical coding stuff do i need to know?;0

Hi there,

So far I have legit read medium articles and youtube videos to get the site linked with digital ocean and running with a custom domain. Non-coding University student.

I want to be capable of adjustment my website to enhance and tailor it for my purposes.
I am happy to learn but I just see a bunch of words like node/ json/css etc thrown around and I’m not really sure where/how to start or when to stop.

Things I want to;

  • Remove the ‘published by ghost’ link on the bottom of the page on the Liebling theme. I checked a post which said to remove default.hbs:36 but Idk what to do with that
  • Change the font and the background colour themes
  • Add links to my LinkedIn with a social logo button in the footer.

What do I need to learn to be able to stuff like this? And how/where do I start? I really have been looking but to no avail :slight_smile:

I would immensely appreciate any advice or help!


I would say you first start learning basic HTML & CSS. If you have basic ideas about html & css then it will be easy for you to understand how an example piece of code is working even if your are not an Advance coder.

Then try to learn more about ghost themes files & folders structure, Get basic ideas About ‘Handlebars’ as ghost uses Handlebars as their Template engine.

After that i guess you can understand & make your tweaks even if you an not an Advance Coder.

There are lot of experts are here in this community they will also give you there opinions. I just shared mine


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@saleheen Thankyou for you advice!
Do you have any resources that I should get started with or just go with whatever google spits out?

you are welcome!
At starting point you can visit w3 Schools website or you can search on Youtube Something like “Learn HTML & CSS” there are lot of free tutorials on youtube. & if you like some paid tutorials then you can checkout udemy.com

btw here is a good tutorial link from youtube Learn HTML5 and CSS3 From Scratch - Full Course - YouTube