Hiring Someone vs. Managing Ghost Yourself

Hi Ghost Community - I hope this finds you all safe and well! First post here so please go easy on me :slight_smile:

I just started my Ghost (Pro) trial with the objective of starting my website (duh). And I’m curious to here what you think about hiring a professional to build and maintain the website vs. me investing a few hours a week.


  1. I have no coding background but very willing to learn
  2. My ideal Ghost website is to have something like Ali’s website - https://aliabdaal.com/ - he’s the one who inspired me to start my YT channel and Ghost website in the first place :smiley:

Would love any ideas / thoughts or even documentations to get started (I have went through all the welcome posts already)

Thank you all!

Ali has some great videos on learning to code, this was something we discussed together a few months back (below). I think if you’re curious and interested, then learning how to edit your theme and update your site using HTML and CSS is an amazingly useful set of skills to have!

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Wow this is awesome! Let me take a good look at this video, thanks so much John! I’m an avid viewer of Ali’s channel but somehow I must have missed this video (YouTube probably didn’t think I’d be able to learn how to code… :sweat_smile:

Hi John, I recently watched this full deep dive with you and Ali, and then over the last week have completed two freecodingbootcamp courses on html and css (one was an 11 hr video I saw you suggest in another discussion on here, and the other was one on their website)

Having completed them, I still have no idea what I am doing!

I like the editorial theme. I can download the files and open in VScode but after that everything is alien to me still despite the html and css courses.

my question is are there any documentation/support for the editorial theme that can help with customisation/editing?

and secondly, are there any further resources, courses or programmes you suggest for learning and becoming competent at this?

I am willing to put in time and effort but get disheartened when I have no idea what is going on and cant find answers after days of searching.

I know you are a busy man so thanks for your time and for any advice or help you can give.

Hey Peter! Sending you a DM