Inserting the separator for anonymous vs member only content improvements

Now that I’m using the anonymous vs member only content separator, I have a few improvements I’d suggest (if anyone’s reading these things). Anyone else know a place to send suggestions?

  1. The text shouldn’t end immediately, it should have a greyed out section. It’s not at all clear that there’s more text below where it says “This post is for subscribers only” that there is any more text in my article. I’d suggest you pick another few lines under that, having them fade away under that notification? That would enable readers to recognize that there’s more pending content.

  2. I’d love to be able to put that separator in the middle of a sentence, maybe with a “…” added where the sentence is cut off. If I could do that, it’d be even more clear that there’s more content pending for subscribers.

  3. I’d really like to have all the text on that notification editable in the settings page. I want to edit the words “Subscribe now”, " This post is for subscribers only", things like that. I think a lot of the generic text should be in the settings page for Ghost, it’d make things much more easily customizable. For example, in this case, I’d like it to say “The rest of this post is for subscribers only” to be more clear.

  4. It was very confusing to use the separator. I had no idea it required me to set the whole post to “Member”, and that it treated the separator as a way to downgrade some of the content. Just wasn’t clear when using the tool. I was very confused for awhile when it did nothing, until googling helped me figure it out. If you drop a separator into a “Public” post, you should get some type of visual warning that the separator does nothing.

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