Membership and Subscription separator line improvements

A list of improvements for the fantastic member/subscription separator line in content.

  1. The text shouldn’t end immediately, it should have a greyed out section. It’s not at all clear that there’s more text below where it says “This post is for subscribers only” that there is any more text in my article. I’d suggest you pick another few lines under that, having them fade away under that notification? That would enable readers to recognize that there’s more pending content.

  2. The separator post should have debugging built into the UI. It was very confusing to use the separator. I had no idea it required me to set the whole post to “Member”, and that it treated the separator as a way to downgrade some of the content. Just wasn’t clear when using the tool. I was very confused for awhile when it did nothing, until googling helped me figure it out. If you drop a separator into a “Public” post, you should get some type of visual warning that the separator does nothing. "You put in a text separator but your post is flagged ‘Public’. This won’t work.

  3. Have a new type of separator line, an “Exclusion” line. Right now, if you have a member post & put in the separator line, it breaks off the article and asks the reader to subscribe. What I’d love is to have a “Member” article, but put some text which is only displayed if you’re NOT a Paid member. The classic use case for this would be “Sign up as a Paid member now to read some additional content like this one!” I’d rather not include that type of text to be sent to my paid members. So optimally I could surround that advertisement type text with something like <DISPLAYONLY - MEMBERS> or something.

I really like this idea. Even having an option to have the entire section visible but blurred would be great, I think.

Agreed. I encountered the same issue.

Once again, agreed! I was wishing for the same thing just a few days ago.


Yes, yes and yes. :+1:t2:

Seconded. In addition, I think it would be valuable if it were possible to add custom copy to the element. In my experience, conversion is a lot better if it’s written in your own voice and tailored to the post (what exactly are they missing out on…).