Internal linking between posts

Is there any way to add links to other posts, without having to use the absolute url for the post that is being linked to? With lots of internal links between posts, there’s a lot of extra work finding the posts and copy-pasting the post’s url.


+1 for me.
I use a lot the internal linking function and with ghost it breaks my work flow. I have to go out copy link, back to post, past.

Would be great to use the @ function to search for internal posts / pages

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+1 from me also. this will be very helpful for us.

Good idea! Moved this to the #ideas category so that people can vote on the topic

this is a big issue I face, would love to see this added!

Love this idea! I’d use it a lot.

This is probably the biggest issue for SEO and somethings that really makes me want to go back to Wordpress. It’s not gonna happen, because I’m quite sure Ghost it’s gonna add this function soon!