Irrelevant pop up when signup button is clicked

On a self-hosted Docker instance, I am using a custom theme with a subscription process outside of portal (custom subscription pages). Yet, from my “Tiers” page where subscribers choose their tier, when I click the “signup” button, I still get a popup saying “Check your email!” before I am redirected to the Stripe checkout form. That’s quite irrelevant as no email has been entered at this point by the subscribers, and no email is sent (I don’t have a free tier, so signup/subscribe is one process only).

On my “Tier” page, the signup button is as follows:

<a href="javascript:" data-portal="signup/{{id}}/monthly" class="membership-button global-button" data-monthly>{{t "Sign up now"}}</a>

I am desperately looking for a way to disable this confusing (for subscribers) popup.

I imagine that some information is missing here to describe the problem, please bear with me… I would be grateful for any ideas or suggestions.

When I inspect the page in my browser, the button link has become:

<a href="javascript:" data-portal="signup/6374e59e27af8800f0b003c9/yearly" class="membership-button global-button gh-portal-close" data-yearly="">S'abonner</a>

Could my issue be related to gh-portal-close?? I don’t know how it gets added.

This is a bug we’re actively looking into & hope to have fixed soon.

Oh, wow. Thanks for letting me know.

It’s fixed in main now so the fix will be in tomorrow’s release.

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Wonderful! Looking forward. Thanks again.

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