Is it possible to charge a one-time price instead of monthly/yearly?

I want to launch my members site next week and for the first month or two have a one-time lifetime deal for new customers. In the subscription tab in Ghost there’s only fields for a monthly or yearly price. Is there some way I could get round this and offer a special one-time launch price?

Hey @Tobetanium :wave:
If you set your subscription prices with what you want your new customers to pay you can modify the subscription later. Those new customers will be on the same price subscription after the change, and subsequent customers will subscribe with your new plan prices :blush:

Thanks for your reply @DavidDarnes. What would that look like in practice? Say I set the annual plan to $29. Customers sign up at that price during the launch period, after which I shut the offer down. Could I then activate the complimentary free plan within the individual member accounts so their subscription renews at $0?

That sounds about right. Something along these lines:

  1. Launch product with special annual price applied
  2. End launch by adjusting the price to your normal pricing
  3. Compliment your launch members and make their subscription free

Might be a good idea to use labels in your forms for the launch period so you can easily track your launch day subscribers:

Hope this helps!

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Great, thanks. Will check the form labels out.

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