Is it possible to enable or develop 'Proofreading' function in Ghost?

I was wondering whether Ghost may allow users (with certain privileges) to conduct proofreading or re-editing on the articles published by other users (maybe not exceeding 50% of the original content).

It would be interesting to see this. I can see articles / opinions / papers or other contents published on media would normally need lots of peer-reviews, which are also expected by many authors or content contributors.

I also push my thought one step forward that maybe the users who provided valuable input or editing to the article should also be credited, or the author may post a reward to welcome others for proofreading or re-editing on the work.

I might not understand what you’re looking for, but different roles have different types of access and can, thereby, do different things.

In regards to proofreading; no. I do not know of any extensions.

What you’re asking for is called Google Docs. Why would Ghost recreate Google Docs?


I think the product such as Google Docs and OneDrive are more for online self-editing or peer-to-peer review/sharing, but not for publishing an article to a community and gathering other’s opinions.

Assume if ‘Medium’ allowed everyone’s article to be co-edited by other users (certainly with some criteria or qualifications), the digital work (articles, poets, opinions, codes) may draw on collective wisdom and absorb all useful ideas.

It’s opened for a discussion, I don’t have to implement this any time soon.