Is Newsletter the Same Thing as Send by email?

I need some clarification on this. As I understand it, the “newsletter” is the same as sending the post / page by email to members?

Meaning; there’s no separate newsletter that’s send out once per month or whatever, right?

From what I understand, in Ghost, newsletters are just posts delivered via email.

But, you can also have monthly etc. newsletters by creating monthly posts and sending them via email. If you don’t want those “newsletter” posts to show up for people just browsing the site, you can use the “collections” concept to move it out of view into a separate collection and not directly link it anywhere from the main site.

Thanks for your answer :slight_smile:

I suspected that to be the case as well. Kind of confusing for me to name it Newsletter when it’s nothing of the kind when in relation to sending out a single post by email. I interpret that more as a post notification, not a newsletter. Anyhow, thanks!

It’s not a post notification, though, because Ghost mails the post as the newsletter.

Ghost is not old-school “newsletters” in the Mailchimp sense, but in the Substack and Revue sense.

Hope that helps! I think it’s pretty remarkable that open-source software has these features built in (vs. having to tie your whole content creation ecosystem to a for-profit like Substack).

Yeah, I agree and please, don’t get me wrong - I love the feature. It’s just that to me (and I think others), the phrasing / use of the word “Newsletter” is a bit confusing. It was to me. It was so confusing that I had to write a subject on it here and ask :slight_smile:

I had to review source files and google to get a better understanding.

To me, sending a post by email is not a newsletter. No matter where on the web I have signed up to get a newsletter, I do not receive it each time they publish a post. I get it once per month or once per quarter or whatever frequency they have chosen.

Either way, now I know what a newsletter is in Ghost and what it can be used for. - just for clarity, in Ghost also, you don’t need to send all posts by newsletter.

In terms of functionality, it allows the exact workflow you want - there are regular posts (which are not sent by email), and then there are monthly/weekly newsletters (which are still posts under the hood, but don’t show up as posts in your blog).

This has some more guides / discussion on this: Email subscribers without publishing a post

Yep, I have learned that too. I just needed some clarification on what “it is and its purpose”.

Now I know. Thanks for taking the time to answer and explain.