Is Portal rejecting Gmail?

I’m using Portal for email sign-ups on two sites, one with the IVEEL Dawn theme and the other with Attila.

On both sites, non-Gmail addresses work fine to sign up. However, with Gmail on both sites, after clicking the Sign Up button on the Portal form, the error message is “Failed to sign up, please try again”.

Both sites are set up through Mailgun.

Is anyone else having this issue?

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Having the same difficulty, but also having trouble with icloud email addresses.

Hmm… It’s also not working for signing in for existing members with Gmail addresses, but non-Gmail addresses can sign in fine.

Because sign in also errors, then I assume it’s not an issue with the mail server?

Fixed by editing the Mailgun credentials in config.production.json.

Details: Signup/login fails in Dawn theme with Portal (Beta)