Is there a way to cutomsize the look of a /tag/ page?

I’ve got a page that members can visit that lists all the posts on my site labeled FITNESS. I like the functionality and how it looks but as the number of posts grows, I am wondering if I can make this a TWO COLUMN thing? I’d like to be able to use something like a

to make a two-column view but isn’t an editable page since it’s just the results of a tag search.

Any work around for this?

Depending on which theme you’re using, there could be a dedicated tag.hbs. Basically a template for these tag archives.

Here’s an example from the new Source theme:

If your theme doesn’t have a tag.hbs, you can simply create it and style it however you want. Though, there are no immediate styling options available without coding.

Depending on how a potentially existing tag.hbs is structured, you could also get away with some code injections by manipulating the CSS that’s already implemented.

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