Is there a way to edit the name associated with the From: address of newsletter emails?

The email From: address inherits the name of the blog, but we would like that to have the name of the newsletter instead.

Well, I feel that we have two choices, but i am wondering whether there is a better third one.

  • Hardcode the desired name in the sources. (Which might be problematic when we upgrade)
  • Create a second instance of Ghost that only has the newsletter (which is pretty impractical)

Do you have a better alternative for me?


  • Installed with ghost-cli
  • node 12.1 Database mysql

Let me word it clearly here. I always get emails from Apparent Blog
I was wondering whether I can change “Apparent Blog” to something other than the Title of the blog.

/var/www/ghost/config.production.json - You can access these files on your server and make the changes accordingly.

  "mail": {
    "from": "'Dinakar from Coulf' <>",

This lets me send “Dinakar from Coulf” as the sender name.

But isn’t the email configured in the json the transactional email? I am referring to the Bulk email, which is configured through the GUI, Labs->Members->Email Config.

Can I do the same thing there, by single Quoting the new name and getting the email within brackets <>?

There was a whole discussion of this issue here. I’m not sure if it ever got resolved.

I don’t think you can single quote the name and use email in brackets in the GUI.

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