Issues Installing Deprecated Version of Ghost (1.0) to Convert Post Data Format

Hello all.

I am attempting to install ghost 1.0 via ghost-cli by running ghost install 1.0. Everything checks out except for the final check “checking for latest Ghost version”, and provides me with the following error message(s):

:heavy_multiplication_x: Checking for latest Ghost version
An error occurred.
Message: ‘version.match is not a function’

The goal of this is to convert an exported data file from a version .8 to be usable in the latest (2.0). If there’s a script for this that I have just missed, that would be appreciated as well. Thank you so much for any assistance.

Debug Information:
OS: Ubuntu, v18.04
Node Version: v8.13.0
Ghost-CLI Version: 1.9.8
Environment: production
Command: 'ghost install 1.0'
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@I_N the command for installing Ghost 1.0 is ghost install --v1, can you try that and see if it works?

Full details for a 0.x->1.x upgrade are here:

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Fantastic. For some reason I never noticed I was putting the command in wrong this entire time. That did it. Thank you so much.

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