✨ Koenig Editor - Beta Release

@dsecareanut the reason HTML and Markdown have labels next to them is that the rendered content could look like anything - normal rich-text, code blocks, images, etc and so needs differentiating to show that the individual elements you see are all contained within a single card.

A code card on the other hand will only ever look like a code block, there’s no other way you can have an element with that styling unless it’s contained within a Markdown or HTML card (in the same vein as images and dividers).

That general design principle will continue as further cards are added - if the rendered output of a card can have multiple elements or look like standard rich-text then it will have a label to indicate all of those elements are contained within a single card. However, for cards whose rendered output is a single element and has distinct styling/functionality then it won’t have a label.

Ok, got it, thanks for clearing it out! :slight_smile:

Awesome addition… Now it will be more easy to post article by using that Editor

Looks like we are losing multiple image drag-n-drop with Koenig eh?

I liked Koenig Editor, but it has some problems:

  • When I use Night shift skin for Dashboard, the Editor is hard to see. From image:
    Contrast makes me hard to see.

  • And, Koenig Editor don’t show Word Count. This is a feature I like very much in the Markdown Editor.

Finally I like Koenig Editor, using it like used WYSIWYG Editor of Wordpress but much simple.

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@novaugust Not at all, it’s just not implemented in the beta yet. You can see what’s planned for the RC in the RC issue linked in the OP:

@paopevil both of these are mentioned in the RC issue as planned but not implemented yet.

To anyone reporting issues or missing features, please read the “Reporting issues” section in the OP and run through the checklist before posting so that we can avoid duplication and can properly diagnose bugs without too much back and forth :slight_smile:

No it doesn’t. I didn’t find how to reproduce it yet.

Sorry and thanks :+1:

There is no error in the console. I also have the issue in Firefox.

1.23.1 has just been released with the next iteration of the Koenig beta. Main updates:

  • :sparkles: Create image cards when pasting image files. Browser support for this varies due to differing security implementations:
    • Chrome: only the 1st image will be pasted if multiple images are pasted
    • Safari: all images will be pasted
    • Firefox: no support
    • Edge: not tested (please let us know if you try it)
  • :sparkles: Keep cursor on screen when typing or moving via keyboard
  • :sparkles: Allow > expansion to convert existing text to blockquotes
  • :art: Ease removal of formatting on first section
  • :art: Exit edit mode of a card when clicking outside the card
  • :bug: Fixed creation of unnecessary undo states
  • :bug: Fixed pasting content into a container card (HTML, markdown, code)

Self-hosters can upgrade via ghost update (1.8.0 of Ghost-CLI was released earlier, it’s worth updating that too whilst you’re there :smile:)

Ghost(pro) blogs will be updated in the next few days.

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Lot’s of problems so far.

  • A Markdown card consisting solely of ![alt](url#reduced) was converted to a Markdown card I couldn’t edit. I would like to be able to access the raw markdown of a Markdown card to be able to a) edit URLs to images already uploaded to the site, b) use tricks such as #reduced to trigger different styling and c) add a title to images.
  • I added an Image card, uploaded an image that was larger than the webserver allowed and received no indication that the image wasn’t saved. (There was a 403 error in the developer console.) It appeared to work in the editor (which uses a data URI), yet the image wouldn’t load in the preview (because it was never saved).
  • I couldn’t delete the Image card. Again it appeared to work but then on page reload, the image card was back. And while I could delete the contents of Markdown cards, I ended up with several empty Markdown cards that couldn’t be removed.
  • I’d turned off the Koenig editor but each time I opened the page converted to the Koenig format, I wouldn’t be able to navigate to any of the other Admin sections. I would be stuck on the page I was editing. The URL changes in the address bar but the page wouldn’t update until I reloaded the page.

I tested version 1.23.0 in Firefox 52.6.0 (64-bit)

@bartt it’s late here so I’ll address your issues tomorrow morning, however in the meantime are you able to re-test in a supported browser version? If you continue to experience the issues please provide any logs from the developer tools console, from the description of your issues it sounds like there would have been some.

The supported browser list was in the OP:

Also, I definitely recommended upgrading to 1.23.1 - it contains an important bug fix to do with undo states that cleans up quite a few potential issues.

Thanks for the response @Kevin. Now get some sleep. I’ll upgrade as soon as the docker image is available. Probably tomorrow. 1.23.0 was the latest version available earlier today.

Then I’ll do some more testing from my MacBook with supported browsers.

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Few feedbacks:

Copying text with ticks in them won’t carry through to markdown: https://j7y.co/s1RI

Occasionally the backspace deletes entire words. Reloading the page fixes it. See gif on https://j7y.co/s12J

I can only put 2 links in a new post. Though, so had to split these into two things.

second part, once the “lol you’re too fast” lets me

The text area usually converts markdown-style links to links, but if I’m adding a link to existing text, that doesn’t happen, unless I trigger it with a closing “)”: http://j7y.co/s1h8

I can’t drag and drop images into the Koenig image block (I really liked that previously with the area I got with ![]())

The same thing happens on Firefox 60.0.1 (64 bits), Win 10 and Ghost(pro) 1.23.1.

The editor randomly goes on a deleting spree, and the backspace erases whole words instead of character by character. No error present in the dev tool console.

That’s expected. Genuine question: why were you expecting ticks to appear when copying rich-text from one editor to another?

This is also expected. Text expansions always trigger on the last character, the screen cap you proved is showing the [example]() text being added first (not valid MD so it doesn’t expand) before going back to fill in the URL.

This is already in the RC list. It’s planned but not implemented yet as indicated by the missing :ballot_box_with_check:

However, 1.23.2 will be released today which has image card creation via drag and drop of image files onto the editor. No need to create an image card then drag an image file onto it.

That’s not good :worried: I haven’t seen this behaviour myself so far. What were you doing in the editor before the backspace went all screwy?

Genuine question: why were you expecting ticks to appear when copying rich-text from one editor to another?

I don’t consider the editor and markdown to be “one editor and another”. To me it’s one editor, with features. I expected the ticks to carry over because to NOT carry them over means they had to be scrubbed out upon paste.

What were you doing in the editor before the backspace went all screwy?

Nothing that stands out to be honest. I’ve added an image above it, and have been writing a fairly long article. I was on macOS 10.13.4 and Canary Version 69.0.3450.0 (Official Build) canary (64-bit)

The ticks don’t exist so there’s no scrubbing happening on paste, the browser only sees foo <code>example</code> bar so it copies as it would from any other webpage: it grabs plaintext as “foo example bar” (this is what gets pasted into the markdown card as that’s a plaintext editor) and the html.

If you copied content from the rich-text portion and pasted it into Atom or similar, would you expect to see ticks there?

1.24.0 has been released and includes a couple of new Koenig features:

  • :sparkles: Drag & drop image files onto the editor to create image cards + upload
  • :sparkles: ^superscript^ and ~subscript~ text expansion support
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Couldn’t see whether this had been reported here yet, but I’m unable to enter a caption on an image. I can see the caption bar, but am unable to select it. Double clicking on the image and pressing a key on my keyboard will cause a single repeated character to appear twice but will allow no further input. Amusingly, double clicking on the image and hitting backspace will fill the caption with (backspace).

I’m using 1.24.0 and am browsing with Safari 11.1.1 on MacOS Sierra. Tried FireFox 61 and the issue is non-existent.

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