✨ Koenig Editor - Beta Release


Is it normal that I can’t paste the link for embedded contents with Safari on OSX 10.12.6 ?
I really like this new editor but in order to use it, I need this functionality to work ^^


@wariorxxxxx could you explain what exactly isn’t working? Also, which version of Ghost are you using? There were a number of bug fixes for Safari/Firefox that went out in 1.24.6


Good evening,

Would it be possible to add in the Koeing Editor,in the kg-action-bar, the button to enter the code? code
So you have all the most used tools at your fingertips


It would be a problem?
Thank you


@giacomosilli the formatting bar is being left intentionally minimal to focus on primary use-cases for writers rather than developers. Code, strikethrough, subscript, and superscript are all available via markdown text expansions - there will be a help modal to make those more discoverable before Koenig becomes the default editor.


Ok, thanks for the information


@Kevin I tried embedding a couple of links and they all fail…

Anything I can do to make these work? Is there soemthing Slideshare or Channel9 should do? Is there anything that needs work on the Ghost side?


@Jesse_Houwing the slideshare linked failed because it’s missing http/https - I’ll update our parser to cope with that.

Channel9 doesn’t have an oembed endpoint so it won’t work at the moment. Support will likely be added to Ghost in the future either through OpenGraph or Schema.org fallback routes.


Is command backspace to delete a line supported? I tried it the first thing on the editor, found it to be not working. Disabled it immediately.

Just thought, I’d drop by to say you wronged the users by not checking that command backspace is working.

Will try it out again next month.

P.S. Not sure if relevant I am using the ghost desktop app on mac.


@ScriptSpry please read the issues mentioned in the opening post before reporting bugs :slight_smile: The missing Cmd+Backspace functionality is mentioned in both the RC and the Final release issues


Found a couple things!

  • Slash menu doesn’t work when navigating to new story - I checked both RC and final issue takslists, but didn’t see this

    1. Create a new story. I created an empty markdown card, but I don’t think the bug is related to content
    2. Create another new story. Attempt to create a new card using the slash menu, it doesn’t work.
    3. Refresh the page. Attempt to create a new card - it works
  • Something I find myself doing a lot (and this is probably because of tab-completion in code editors) is trying to use the tab key to select a card - i.e. /md{tab} - adding support for this would be pretty cool :fire:

OS: Win10
Browsers: Chrome 68.0.3440.42 (I know it’s dev; tested in other browsers :slight_smile:), Opera 54.0.2952.51 and Firefox 61.01
Errors: None
Ghost Version: 1.24.8


Drag and drop for images to HTML card doesn’t work. This would be really helpful for making things such as a image gallery.


@Reedyn that’s not expected to work at the moment, the HTML card is only a basic code editor right now.

We’ll be looking at expanding the default card behaviour in the future to provide a more substantial and easy to use API for card extension authors. I imagine drag-n-drop upload behaviour will be added as a standard feature which all cards can opt in to, once the first iteration of that is in place we can circle back and use that functionality in the HTML card.


@Kevin Okay, good to know. Keep the great work up!


Regarding the image card. How come there is no option for entering an image URL? To me it seems that option should be fairly simple to add and it is an option that used to be available across the board (It also disappeared from the Post Settings for cover image)


@Reedyn for now you can insert images using a URL with markdown expansions. ![](http://somesite.com/image.jpg) will create an image card that is linked directly to the URL.

We have plans for an extensible image selection system, likely including Local File, Unsplash, and URL to start but having the ability to add custom file stores that we can re-use across the admin. Unfortunately it’s unlikely to make it into the first version of Koenig due to time constraints but it is definitely on our radar.

One of the big questions still outstanding is how such a system would tie in with a thumbnailing/resizing service so that we don’t end up with inconsistent behaviour depending on where an image is sourced from.


For me the word counter is very important, with the new editor, I do not see it :disappointed_relieved:


Korean type problem!


It’s not implemented yet but is tracked in the current dev cycle issue here: https://github.com/TryGhost/Ghost/issues/9724

This sounds like a known issue in the underlying editor library with how it handles mutation events compared to keypress events. The library maintainers are looking into it but it’s not currently on our high-priority list for the initial Koenig release.


Just a quick question (apologies if it might have been addressed somehwere, just rushing out atm): will the new editor support text alignment outside of html? (i.e. in the standard text editor) Thanks!


Definitely not in the initial version. There may be some support added later but there are no concrete plans for it right now.

For it to be possible there needs to be an update to the underlying mobiledoc format, there is some on-going discussion around decoupling the mobiledoc format from strict HTML adherence with regard to section attributes which would open up more style-related functionality like text alignment.