New to Ghost help with landing page

Hello everyone. I’m hoping to switch from Squarespace to Ghost, but as a non coder, I’m already intimidated. The basic editor in the default theme is wonderful, so much better and faster than Squarespace.

I’m a freelancer, somewhere in the realm of hack photojournalist, writer, and photographer. My objectives are (to me) simple - a landing page, a reverse chronological single column blog, maybe a recent posts mini reel, a link to featured work, an about page, and a contact page. I’m already doubting my ability to do any of that.

I have had two small successes - I changed the font, and I added Hyvor Talk for comments.

I tried to add a main/landing page and failed miserably. I followed the instructions in this article - - and nothing happened.

You can see my current landing page at - that’s what I’m hoping to mimic, with an enter button leading straight to the blog.

I fear that my level of overwhelmedness might mean I’m not a good fit for Ghost.

Hi @sbhopper
Ghost has a good tutorial on your case you can check this out

Hope this helps
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