Last version of NPM 7.7.6 (Warnings)

Hi :slight_smile:

Maybe it’s a stupid question, but when I updated NPM to the last version with this command:

sudo npm update -g

I got this warning:

npm WARN deprecated har-validator@5.1.5: this library is no longer supported
npm WARN deprecated request@2.88.2: request has been deprecated, see

My “npm” version is: 7.7.6
My “node” version is: v12.21.0

Should I be worried about the warning? Are there a fix? :slight_smile:

I like no errors and warnings.


Thomas @


Hi :slight_smile:

Problem Fixed…

After I updated my “node” to the last stable version (v14.16.0) and npm to (v7.7.6)

its works :slight_smile: No errors/warnings…

How to do it:

sudo npm install n -g
sudo n stable

And then:

sudo npm install -g npm@latest