Login and forms notifications with a custom theme

Hi everyone,

After 15 years with WordPress, I recently decided to switch to Ghost. I absolutely love the product, and for averaged-skilled web “developers” like me, it’s super easy to work with themes.

I am currently working on a custom theme based on the Halfmoon library. Everything is going smoothly, except for one thing: login and forms notifications. I don’t understand how those notifications work.

I read this topic and this part of the (new) documentation, but I still don’t understand how to work with them. I know HTML and CSS quite well, but I have a limited knowledge of JavaScript. Is anyone aware of a tutorial or some useful ressources?

For what it worths, my custom theme is functional in the sense that it sends emails and let members to connect, but these notifications would really help to improve the UX.

Thanks and happy new year!

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