Magic Link works to log in members, but only after refreshing page

  • Ghost v3.31.2
  • Ubuntu Ghost on 18.04
  • node v10.17.0
  • Bug replicated on Chromium & Firefox on Elementary OS
  • Casper theme (that has been customized a bit)
  • Integrations: Zapier, Patreon, Cove

Hello! I am using Cove to provide a members-only comment section. The problem I am having is that when a member receives an email Magic Link to log in, the link does not appear to log them in at first. However, if you refresh the page the user will be logged in as expected.

Is there a way that I can ensure the user is logged in immediately after clicking the Magic Link, without having to refresh the page?

Edit to clarify: I’ve reached out to the developer of Cove, and he said that they are simply using Ghost’s login process.

Thank you!