Mail Flagger - Mailgun Newsletter Analytics for Free

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We have changed our pricing! We now offer a free subscription for up to 10,000 email messages per month. That should cover most newsletters. Track how many times an email is opened, unique opens, clicked links and more.

We track all events (accepted, delivered, rejected, failed, opened, clicked, unsubscribed, complained) and we do so with redundancy. Which means that we check that we’ve downloaded all messages and events multiple times to insure accuracy.

All you need to setup a Mailflagger account is the same Mailgun API key used to configure Ghost. If you are not happy with the service simply go to settings and delete your account. All your account data will be deleted.

Analytics page includes events, device type, os, region, clicked links and download all events feature.

If you’re interested in testimonials for your site check out announcement.