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We are happy to announce the launch of Mail Flagger. A Mailgun email tracking and analysis platform for bloggers, developers and entrepreneurs. Monitor your member email engagement without modifications to your Ghost website. Mail Flagger integrates directly with Mailgun via API.

Features Include:

  • Store messages sent via Mailgun
  • Monitor email event activity
  • Dashboard
  • Easily group all events by recipient
  • View multiple Mailgun domains seamlessly



Events Activity Feed

Recipients View

In Closing

I’m not just the creator of Mail Flagger I’m a user. I’m using Mail Flagger for several Ghost websites and all my Laravel projects.

There is a free tier for people starting out. Feel free to reach out and all feedback is welcome.


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Awesome tool. I will give it a try.
Keep up the good work

Looks like this tool is awesome! I’m just wondering what exactly the “100 emails” in the free tier means?

An email here is referring to a message sent by Mailgun. A message can have a single recipient or multiple recipients. For instance a message with multiple recipients like a published post emailed to all members is counted as 1 email.

Thanks for your question,


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This is fantastic! Will try it and make a review for sure.

Nice. Thanks for answering.

Hi @srg, does this support custom domains?

Hi Ben

Yes. If you are referring to custom domains using Mailgun to send emails.

No. If you are referring to hosting your own mail server.

Thanks for your interest,


@srg I gave it a little test last night (around 3am, so forgive me if I have overlooked something simple) but when I added my API key in, it only pulled the sandbox domain in (mailgun default).

I’ll look into it. It may be because of Mailgun EU region for domain.

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We are happy to announce that we now offer full support for EU region Mailgun domains!

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Thanks for creating this. I’ve been looking for something like it. I’m going to give it a try for this week’s newsletter.

Separately - does anyone know how to change the sender email in Ghost? Mine seems to default to “Texas Plenty <>”, while I’d like it to be “Alex <alex@texasplentycom>”.

@srg - Thanks for developing Mail Flagger. I tried using it this morning when I sent out my weekly newsletter, but I didn’t record any opens, even though I know at least one person has opened the email.

This is what my integrations screen looks like:

Am I missing anything?

Hi Alex,

In the top left hand corner you have the option to switch domains. Default domain may have not been selected. Your account looks good. Messages and events are being saved.

Fyi: if you want to track other events like opens and clicks make sure domains settings are set to on.



Hi Sergio - thanks for the quick response. I thought I had set up Mailgun properly. This is what my tracking settings look like.

And these are what my DNS settings for tracking look like

Are there other events I need to set up?

Hi Alex,

Can you check the events logs on your mailgun account, Sending->Logs menu. Check if there are any Opened or Clicked events? If there aren’t any there is an issue with the mailgun account.


Hi Alex,

Also wanted to add that you can use Mailflagger to test your events. Use Send Messages

Then go to Mail->Events and check for events. We poll events every hour but if you’re debugging there is a Check button top right hand corner that will check for any events within the last hour immediately.



Hi Sergio, I think the issue is on the Mailgun side. I don’t have any logs despite having Open/Click tracking on.

I use Cloudflare and I think there might be an issue there.

But separately, the newsletters sent via the API, so do we know if ghost is adding these flags:

o:tracking = yes - Enable both Open and Click Tracking
o:tracking-opens = yes - Only enable Open tracking

Hi Alex,

Tags can override domain settings. However, I haven’t seen any tag issues with newsletters on other ghost sites yet.


opened The email recipient opened the email and enabled image viewing. Open tracking must be enabled in the Mailgun control panel, and the CNAME record must be pointing to
clicked The email recipient clicked on a link in the email. Click tracking must be enabled in the Mailgun control panel, and the CNAME record must be pointing to

Found others with similar issues with Mailgun and Cloudflare:

I would look at CNAME settings on Mailgun and Cloudflare and then test again from your Ghost blog and from Mailflagger.



Hi @srg - I’m not sure what happened, but I do now see events in my Mailflagger account. My 8/24 newsletter is logged.

I can’t see it on Mailgun since I’m on a Flex account and they only keep logs for 3 days on those accounts. But I checked in with Support and my CNAME is correct and settings for opens/tracking are accurately set.

I’m sending one out tomorrow so let’s see if it gets logged.