Mail Flagger - Mailgun tracking and analytics

Hi @akarjeker,

When you mention Support, is that Mailgun or Cloudflare? Can you check your Mailgun events log after sending your latest blog?

There seems to be an issue with CNAME because Mailflagger can see all the other email events. Cloudflare forum mentions turning off the orange cloud for CNAME. This appears to bypass Cloudflare. And if it is off, try turning it on and off to make sure setting takes. Have you tried this yet?

With your permission I’d like to send some test emails from your Mailgun account using Mailflagger. Would that be ok?



@srg - I’m talking with Mailgun support. CNAME is set up properly but the open/clicked events aren’t being tracked on the Mailgun side. I’m working with them to sort it out.

Please hold off on sending any emails from the Mailgun account. Let me try and sort it out on that side.

On the plus side - I think your product is working because Mailflagger does see the sent events.


If I may suggest. Try removing cloudflare from the equation. Just to isolate the problem for now.



/** New Feature **/
Turn your Mailgun Email Events into Marketing Opportunities

We’ve added Email Event Listeners! Programmable listeners (sometimes called rules, actions) that listen for an event on your emails and can take an action for you.

What is an event? An event is anything that occurs with an email that is tracked. Event types that are tracked include: accepted, delivered, rejected, failed, opened, clicked, unsubscribed, complained and stored.