Media Library Functionality

I’m really digging the Ghost Platform so far but I’m having trouble adjusting from WordPress given Ghost’s lack of built-in media library functionality, similar to Wordpress.

Is there some way that I could potentially integrate this media library functionality into Ghost, using an integration or plugin?


Here’s a similar discussion – TL;DR, media library is a little bit more complexed to add into the system at that point, but there are a few ways (mainly through external integrations) where you can implement some sort of media control.

I think, Ghost CMS’s worst side is this. Media Library. We have to upload and upload again the same images. May be I can would like to use older image for future posts. Why I need to upload again for new post? Yes this is complex but they say " We’ve raised $5,000,000 " . I am happy an open source project provide to gain money but 7 years left and 5 million dollars gained so there is no media library. I think this feature is a milestone. I hope this will be added in the near future.


@fakruzaruret I understand and agree. Here is some more related discussion:

I agree with you.

That’s good to know that it works but OMG that’s such a horrendous hack. I wish we could just upload assets to an image gallery and be able to reference them. :frowning:

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I migrated a site off the maven network via Wordpress into Ghost and I can tell you that the hardest part of the migration was having to work with the image library. Tedious. Not fun.

I don’t have many repetitive visual elements in my Ghost site – – so for me, snippets were/are the way to go.

What I did was create a draft post with all of the common elements, upload my library images, then assign them to snippets. This means I can add a library element to the current post using the /name convention without having to focus attention away from writing.

So much faster and easier, and I learned that having a naming convention provides assistance in navigating the snippets by arranging common elements in groups in the / dropdown.

Hello @Jam @itsmingjie @fakruzaruret @denvergeeks @biapar @csgeek @TheChocolateLife

A team developed a prototype to have a native and visually appealing file and media manager. Especially adapted to a blog content manager, which is already wonderful as Ghost, but it would be even more wonderful to have such a feature.

Hopefully you can give visibility to the proposal (giving your support with votes or with comments about it within the proposal).

Link in Ghost Forum: Prototype: New File Management

Best regards. Where can I find information about the team?

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Is there more to the prototype than this image?