More Ghost Trigger on Zapier

I am using cloud flare page rules to cache whole blog in there server which is pretty neat but it has some issues as well. like when you post to see update on front end you have to purge the cache manually.

There is a way to do that automatically but its limited to Post and page published. it would be awesome if there are more triggers related to post update and deletion on Zapier

if someone can help in this area it would be really awesome

I guess you could use a custom integration and listen to the ‘site changed’ event a bust the cache then?

Are you planning on receiving a high amount of traffic?


How i am going to bust the cache of cloudflare?

is this will be enough? on zapier i provide my email and api too

I’m not familiar with the Cloudflare API but it appears if you add that URL, with your Zone ID, to a Ghost integration and set it to the ‘site changed’ event you can purge the cache.<ZONE_ID>/purge_cache
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Ok i will test it. lets see what happens?

It does not work without Email and API.

looking at there api docs it require email and api key.

There is work around for this. one can use cloud-flare Worker to Purge cache via a URL.

Here is Pretty script to purge cache automatically.

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Hey nice find! I’ve yet to try out Cloudflare Workers. Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

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yeah go ahead it awesome and free for 100k request per day. that is more than enough :grinning:

my blog is super fast now although i still want to implement nginx cache.

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